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Need top-quality chimney sweeping and maintenance services to keep your home safe and warm? With over 40 years of experience, our skilled chimney sweeps use both traditional and modern methods to ensure your chimney is clean and functioning properly.

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Our Woking chimney sweeps work in accordance with BSEN 1528-:2007 + A1:2010. Industry recommendations suggest having your chimney swept by a local chimney sweep AT LEAST TWICE a year – at the start and end of the season. Our goal is to provide honest, fair service and free advice to keep our Woking customers safe and warm.

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Common Chimney Issues Our Local Chimney Sweeps Solve in Woking

Carbon Monoxide

If your carbon monoxide alarm goes off, ventilate the area, safely extinguish your fire, and arrange an inspection with your local Woking chimney sweep. Do not relight your appliance until the issue is resolved.

Birds Nesting

Prevent birds or squirrels from nesting in your Woking chimney by having your local chimney sweep install a guard. Regular sweeping by a local chimney sweep also minimises the risk of insects like wasps, hornets, bees, or ants making a home in your chimney.


Damp in and around your Woking chimney can lead to mould and other problems. Contact your local chimney sweep and visit our Damp page for guidance.

Smoke Smell

If you smell smoke upstairs when using your fireplace, call your local Woking chimney sweep for advice on potential causes and solutions. Do not use your fire until resolved to prevent dangerous carbon monoxide levels.

Smoking Chimney

A smoking chimney in Woking may be due to blockages, soot buildup, or recent property renovations. Your local chimney sweep can assess the situation and provide a solution.

Tar Build-up

Excessive tar in your Woking chimney may result from burning the wrong fuel or damp fuel. Contact your local chimney sweep for help resolving issues caused by tar, creosote, and blockages, and prevent future occurrences.

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