Terms and Conditions

Please note that all discounts are only valid up to the due date on the invoice, if paid in full, after this time the full amount will be due.

We will endeavour to keep to any quotes given, written or verbal, however we will carry out any work that is needed other than originally quoted, to the value of ten percent, after this you will be advised verbally and if you wish we will reissue the quotation/estimate. You will have been advised that sometimes unforeseen problems can be discovered and these then have to be resolved.

A quotation is valid for one month, all materials are exempt from this as we do not control these costs, how ever every effort we be made to source the best price/quality for materials, if the price from our suppliers change.

All work that involves scaffold, you the customer will deal directly with our recommended scaffold firm (this does not mean you have to use a scaffold company recommended by us), if you so wish we will organise the scaffold for you, an administration charge of 10%, capped at £45.00.

All waste materials are the customers responsibility, because customer can often dispose of waste material for free or greatly reduced compared with the charges levied on us as a commercial company, we are happy to suggest alternatives to help in the disposal of waste.

All materials are the property of Chim-Me-Build until your account has been settled in full.

Please note that you will be charged 3% interest maximum annually according to OFT guidance, until the account is settled in full, you will also be held liable for any other associated charges, Legal, bank and interest charges we incur.

Discounts are offered and are only valid if paid by the due date, after the due date the full amount is due.

Any queries and or complaints should be raised at the earliest opportunity, so that they can be resolved quickly, it is advised you speak with your site contact, then if necessary contact Chim-Me-Sweep/Build directly if the issue is not resolved, if you are still not happy this matter can be resolved by using www.apics.org.uk or Which? at http://www.disputeresolutionombudsman.org/which-trusted-traders-partnership/ who will offer their ombudsman service if you feel we have not answered your concerns.

When insurance companies are involved we hold the customer that holds the insurance policy liable, until the account has been settled in full.

Our aim is to be honest and fair, keeping our customers safe. Advice is free, so please ask and we will endeavour to help.